Wednesday, February 15, 2012

To Embellish or Not

I made these little crowns out of sheet music and lace trim. I can't decide whether to embellish them or leave them as they are. I kind of like the simplicity as is, but wonder if adding a little something would make them even better. Any ideas?

If you'd like to make some of your own, you will need:

lace trim 
sheet music
liquid starch (found at Walmart in the laundry soap section)
bowl for liquid starch
waxed dixie or plastic cups
rags (for wiping your hands and work area, the starch can be messy)

1. Cut a strip of sheet music approx. 8in. long and 2 in. tall. Experiment with the size you want. The size I made are great for dolls or just little decorative accents. You could make them bigger for a child, but you might want to print the sheet music on cardstock to make it sturdier. They could also be made even smaller for cupcake toppers.

2. Glue the ends of the sheet music to form a ring.  Place the lace around it and cut to fit. 

3. Dip the lace trim in liquid starch and squeeze out the excess. Place wet lace around an upside down waxed dixie or plastic cup and let it dry overnight. 

4. Gently lift the dried lace off the cup and glue around the top of the sheet music ring. Embellish if you want!