Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Locks, Clocks, and Keys Oh My!

I have a thing for old clocks. And keys. And tiny padlocks. And vintage hardware. Ok, I have a thing for tons of old stuff and I have no problem snapping up vintage items that no longer serve their original purpose because I just know I'll be able to turn them into something else.  As you can imagine, I have a house and garage full of those items just waiting for that perfect blend of my creativity and the time to actually sit down and create! 
I'm currently on a mission to get up to 100 items in my Etsy Shop, so many of these items are now listed there. I am torn between keeping them and reaching my goal, but I just know there are many creative people out there who will know just what to do with them and that makes me happy. Besides, I figure when they sell, I'll just have to go out and hunt for more stuff!!
Here are a few of them, with many more to come soon:

Have a great day, 


  1. some sweet petites here...love! Those doorknobs are calling to me! sigh...

    "merci" for stopping in today! I just love your blog...and i'm your newest follower. Also..my hand stamped pitcher? I just spray painted a thrift store one and then hand stamped (letter-by-letter) my favorite saying onto it. I used "Stayz On" ink. it works FAB! Happy day! ;)


  2. Thanks for the tip on the ink. I've never heard of it, I'll have to try it! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Little by little I am getting more involved in this whole blogging world. It's so much fun!